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In accordance with the rules of the National Automated Clearing House, information from your check may be used to create an electronic debit to your account. The electronic debit on your statement is valid as proof of payment.

Important information:  If you do not receive your statement prior to the Assessment Due Date, you are still required to make timely payments. Payments are processed more efficiently when accompanied by a coupon and mailed in the envelope provided. Should you ever be without a coupon or statement, please make sure your account number is written on your check or money order and mail the payment to the payment lockbox: PO Box 65493, Phoenix, AZ 85082-5493. Payments made to other locations may cause a processing delay and your account may be assessed late and/or collection fees.

Making Payments:  When making payments, please detach the coupon and mail it with your check or money order. Please make all payments payable to the Homeowners Association and not to Preferred Communities. Please mail all payments c/o Preferred Communities PO Box 65493 Phoenix, AZ 85082-5493. It is important that you include your account number on your check to ensure proper and timely posting. All payments are posted by the date received. Also, we do not accept post-dated checks and will not be held responsible for the processing of such.

Online Payments:  You may make your payment online directly on the banks website.   There may be a convenience fee.  **Please note - you will need the Management ID: 1149 and Community ID: 523 to make an online payment.     To make an online payment now, click here.

Special Delivery Mail:  For express, overnight delivery or certified mail, please send your payment to: Preferred Communities, 1134 E University Dr Ste 114, Mesa AZ 85203.

Disputed Amounts:  All written communications concerning disputed amounts, including any check or other payment instrument that you send us (i) in an amount less than the full amount due marked “Paid in Full,” (ii) tendered with other conditions or limitations, or (iii) otherwise tendered as full satisfaction of a disputed amount, must be sent to us at PO Box 5720 Mesa, AZ 85211-5720.

Inquiries: General Inquiries and correspondence must be mailed to PO Box 5720 Mesa, AZ 85211-5720 as we may not receive these inquiries when sent to the payment lockbox address.




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