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Preferred Communities handles Disclosure Requests for Cactus Park Estates HOA. 
Please send all disclosure requests via email to
Please call 480-649-2017 with questions.  
Please Note: 
  1. Please contact Preferred Communities for the amount of fees due at Close of Escrow.  
  2. Cactus Park Estates HOA only includes Lots 1 thru 615 of CACTUS & DYSART (see map)     If you have a disclosure request for a lot number higher than 615, it is not apart of Cactus Park Estates HOA.  Preferred Communities will not be able to help with the disclosure. 
  3. An inspection is done o the lot prior to the sale.   This ensures the buyers are aware of all existing violations they will be assuming upon purchase of the home/lot.    The list of violations will be sent to the Title Company with the completed disclosure statement.  The Board provides a 30 day grace period for the violations to be corrected from the close of escrow date.   A letter is also sent to the current owner and to the prospective buyer.    How the violations are resolved is between the buyer and seller.     




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